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Pooja Bhalekar



Hi, I am 26 years old and was born and brought up in Pune.
I started my journey of martial arts from a very young age.
I was never particularly interested in studies and always loved only sports.
I started off learning Yoga and in no time started representing my school in both district and State levels.
Then my interest shifted to being an athlete. 100 meters running, high jump and 400 meter hurdles were my forte.
One day I saw some students doing kicks and punches, wearing white uniforms and got to know that it is a form of martial arts called Taekwondo.
I had an instinctive feeling that this is my calling and my mother was really supportive.
So, my journey to learn and understand martial arts began and all the other sports I learnt before actually helped me to grow faster in my martial arts journey.

Yoga helped me with my flexibility and taught me how to be focused, whereas my athletic background helped me with my endurance and strength.

Within a few years I became a national level champion. I still remember the day when i held my first national gold medal
Then suddenly one day I got a call from film maker Ram Gopal Varma’s office to ask if i could come to Mumbai to meet him.
Deep inside I was always interested in films and I went to Mumbai along with my father to meet Rgv and gave him a demonstration of my fighting skills.
He was impressed with me but told me that he was specifically interested in the Bruce Lee style of fighting and he wanted me to train in Jeet Kune Do, the Bruce Lee style of fighting.
That one meeting with Rgv made my life take a very different turn and from then on, I got hooked onto BRUCE LEE and started learning JEET KUNE DO to prepare myself for my role in LADKI
And after my experience of working in LADKI , I think of myself as an actress who knows martial arts rather than as a martial artiste who acts.

No one in the world ever can be BRUCE LEE ,but I am thrilled with the opportunity of getting to enact the role of BRUCE LEE’S biggest fan in LADKI

In here I will be very interactive and will share my training clips, my photos and my videos, both personal and from films.
Looking forward to have a great time with you all!!!


S.No Year Day Name of Championship Place leave Medal
1 2004 28th to 29th May 18th Maharashtra Sub-Junior Taekwondo Championship-2004 Vasai State Gold
2 2004 1st to 3rd Oct 22nd National Sub-Junior Taekwondo Championship-2004 Lucknow National Gold
3 2004 4th and 5th Dec Under 14 School Game’s Taekwondo  Championship-2004 Khalapur School game’s Gold
4 2004 26th Dec State Leave School Game’s Taekwondo  Championship-2004 Jalgaon School game’s Gold
5 2005 30th April and 1st May 19th Maharashtra State Junior Boys and Girls Taekwondo Championship-2005 Osmanabad State Gold
6 2005 20th April 1st Dan (Black Belt)
7 2005 26th to 28th May 25th National Junior Taekwondo Championship-2005 Manipur National Silver
8 2006 3rd and 4th Jan State Leave School Game’s Taekwondo  Championship-2006 Nagpur School game’s Gold
9 2006 29th and 30th April 20th Maharashtra State Junior Boys and Girl’s Taekwondo Championship-2006 chiplun,Ratnagiri State Gold
10 2006 22nd and 23rd july 20th Maharashtra State senier Men and Woman Taekwondo Championship-2006 Sangli State Gold
11 2006 15st to 17th sep 25th National Senier Men and Woman Taekwondo Championship-2006 chennai National competitor
12 2007 25th and 26th Nov 21st Maharashtra State Junior Boys and Girl’s Taekwondo Championship-2007 Solapur State Gold
13 2007 7th to 9th Dec 27th National Junior Taekwondo Championship-2007 Margoa,Goa National Gold
14 2008 9th Feb 20th Fajr International Taekwondo  championship-2008 (Senior) Bandar Abbas, I.R.of Iran International competitor
15 2008 22nd to 24th Aug 28th National Junior Taekwondo Championship-2008 Puducherry National Gold
16 2008 10th and 11th Aug 22th Maharashtra State Junior Boys and Girl’s Taekwondo Championship-2008 Waguj,Satara State Gold
17 2008 17th to 19th Oct 27th National Senior Taekwondo Championship-2008 Punjab National Gold
18 2008 27th and 28th sep 22nd Maharashtra State Senier Taekwondo Championship-2008 Beed State Gold
19 2008 1st to 6th Nov 54th National School game’s Taekwondo  Championship-2008 Margoa,Goa School game’s Silver
20 2009 5th March 2nd dan (Black Belt)
21 2009 19th to 24 th May 6th National open Taekwondo Championship-2009 (Senior) Nanded ,Maharashtra National Bronze
22 2009 1st Aug 1st Asian Martial Arts games Bangkok 2009 (Senior) Bangkok, Thailand International competitor
23 2009 17th to 18th Dec 23rd Maharashtra State Senior Men and Woman taekwondo championship-2009 Nagpur State Gold
24 2010 5th and 10th Jan 28th National Senier Taekwondo Championship-2010 Bengaluru National Silver
25 2010 22nd to 24th Sep 1St India open International Taekwondo  championship-2010 (Senior) Andra Pradesh (India) International competitor
26 2014 Shiv Chhatrapati best player award by Maharashtra gov. (2009 to 2010)

Power Girl


Martial Artiste